Reception ( 4-5 years old)

Canary Wharf Pre-School is a modern, light and well-resourced space, nestled in D Garden Batu Pahat, Johor. It offers the perfect setting to allow children to discover new interests, develop a range of talents and cultivate long standing friendships. Our children are encouraged to create, explore, investigate and observe. Small class sizes ensure we are able to give pupils the individual attention they need, allowing each child to develop at a speed and level that suits them.


Canary Wharf Pre-School’s creative curriculum allows us to instill the keystones of academic success through a range of different topics, both in and outside the classroom. We follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage which contains seven areas of learning and development. There are three prime areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication plus Language and Physical Development. In addition, there are four specific areas of learning: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

The formal Pre-school school day at Canary Wharf Pre-school runs from 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday (see more information on our popular wraparound support options for busy families). Mornings revolve around the core subjects of Numeracy, English, Mandarin and Phonics which are closely linked to the National Curriculum. Afternoons are spent on cross-curricular and topic based learning – from understanding the seasons or looking at the human body through to exploring art and textures.

Canary Wharf’s Pre-School pupils have two playtimes a day where they can choose to explore, have fun with friends. They also enjoy an hour-long PE/Yoga session and a music and dance lesson each week.

Our Pre-School children tuck into a healthy and nutritious lunch cooked by our Selected Chef (plus breakfast and high tea too if they are booked into wraparound care). The menu is specially planned each week, with special cakes/ice-cream dessert come with Friday lunch everyone’s favourites! As a school we are totally committed to nurturing the whole child, encompassing mind, body and emotional well-being.

We would welcome you to visit us for a personal tour, or to book a video meeting with our Headmaster. Simply email us on and we’ll look forward to meeting you.