Our Virtual Classroom


Canary Wharf Pre-School make Teams into a virtual classroom.

Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration space. It combines the text and video services you will recognise from Skype; the online storage drive of SharePoint; OneNote notebooks for the class and the MS Forms survey and quiz creation tool. 

Teams allows teachers to share learning in a controlled environment. They may share a PowerPoint with a voiceover, or a video and use the conversation tool to share that update with the class. Follow this with a self-marking form and the assessment of learning can be streamlined for all. 

By using the assignments tool, a teacher can set particular work and review it when it is submitted, enabling pupils to receive personalised feedback in a timely manner and staff to manage their workload too. 

There is capacity for live lessons to be delivered through the video conversation tool and multiple channels can be created within a Team to allow teachers and pupils to compartmentalise their learning activities. 

Finally, each class Team comes with a Class Notebook. In a Class Notebook, the teacher, as Team owner, will be able to see everything, with each pupil having their own area. However, the pupils will only see their own space and any shared areas they have access to, making teamworking easy too. 

If you’d like to talk to someone about our Teams Online School, please contact us on: 

Phone/ Whatsapp : ++447941557856 (Option 1)  

Email: paula@boobooduck.uk